About Living Yoga

Living Yoga is a comprehensive system based upon traditional Yoga practice, which incorporates elements from the five major Yogic paths. It can be readily practised in our daily life.

Living Yoga is people-oriented, and put sequel emphasis on internal and external development. The system of training at Living Yoga takes the students progressively through increasing the level of difficulty. It is suitable for busy folks who seek an effective way to destress, rejuvenate and restore balance to the body, mind and spirit.

Living Yoga’s key teaching approach: Yoga asana is to “regulate the body”, breathing technique is to “regulate the breathing”, and meditation for “mind training”. Our course contents are rich and informative, with demonstrations that are clear and easy to understand. We value sharing and interaction among our students to help them better understand the true practice of Yoga, leading to physical and mental healing as well as the development of potential and wisdom.

Living Yoga allows us to know our own bodies and breathing. Practising with Living Yoga leads you to the present moment and awakens your dormant spirit, so you can listen mindfully to your inner voices and cherish every moment of your life.

The body-mind-spirit system of training at Living Yoga can effectively enhance our self-awareness and self-healing ability, bringing good health, peace, joy and positive energy. At the same time, we will experience positive effects on our personality and outlook on life and thus have more confidence and ability to face the challenges of work and life.

Living Yoga is suitable for all who want to improve their health, regardless of their age.