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Founder and mentor




Madam Khoo GC, founder and mentor of Living Yoga, has been teaching yoga for many years.  Over the years, her passion for yoga has been integrated into her life and in the daily living.


Madam Khoo has continuously learn and pursue the yoga philosophy for many years. Through self-exploration of the wisdom of ancient yoga and the sages, and into areas of medicine, science, philosophy, psychology, she seeks out the truth in the universe.  The discovery has enriched her knowledge and practice, giving her clarity on her life purpose.


In 2010, Madam Khoo started Living Yoga. To date, she has successfully trained a group of professional yoga teachers. Many of them have taught or are now teaching at the Living Yoga studio, the community centres in Singapore and Malaysia. The yoga teachers trained by Madam Khoo continue to emphasize on the Living Yoga’s approach to promote balancing the mind, body and soul.  We do it through organising heath talks and seminars, retreats and sharing sessions to educate the community.



教学特色: Teaching




Living Yoga is people-oriented and emphasizes looking inward as the core. We start from the basic to progress step by step to the next phase. Our teaching is useful and effective for those who lead a busy lifestyle to help them to release stress, uplift themselves though purifying to achieve a
balance of the body, mind and soul.


The teaching content is rich and informative and with demonstration, the sessions provide clarity and are easy to understand.  The sessions emphasize peer sharing and communication so that we can learn from the experience of others.  Besides learning authentic yoga, the students will have their physical and psychological pain relieved, and the awakening their
inner potential and wisdom.


The teaching method of balancing body, mind and soul in Living Yoga is effective as it helps you strengthen your body, have a peaceful mind and a joyful soul.  The energy uplift will give you the confidence to take on any challenge in life

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