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Types of Yoga

Basic Hatha Yoga



Basic Hatha Yoga focus on yoga asana, breathing and meditation to seek inner peace and well-being. The application of slow movements and the control of breathing strengthen the body’s bones, joints, muscles and ligaments; at the same time strengthen the internal organs, balancing the nervous system and improving blood circulation. Practising regularly will help enhance one’s flexibility, slowing down aging. It also helps relief people who suffer

neck strain or backaches.

Intermediate Hatha Yoga



Intermediate Hatha Yoga is upgraded from Basic Hatha Yoga. For this level, it is more demanding on the energy and strength, including an extension of the depth and span of breathing to coordinate with the more challenging poses.  This is meant for those who are confident and would like the challenge. 

Yin Yoga

阴瑜伽,主要是结合了:中医学与阴阳学的优势创作出来的瑜伽体系。炼习时强调清空一切杂念的情况下, 放缓呼吸, 保持同一时间515分钟一个动作中, 让身体肌肉完全放松下,训练耐心耐力, 锻炼骨格,连接体内组织及调节神经系统,以让身心合一的境界。


Yin Yoga weaves in the Traditional Chinese Medical (TCM) approach of balancing the yin and yang into yoga pose.  We start with clearing the mind, emptying all distractions, followed by slowing down our breathing and hold the pose for 5 to 15 minutes to allow the body muscles to relax completely.  Each pose serves as an endurance training to work on the meridian, exercising the bones, connecting with the body tissues and regulating the nervous system to achieve the realm of physical and mental unity.

Vinyasa Yoga


Vinyasa Yoga is an evolvement and extension from the original yoga system. It is also known as Flow yoga. During the practice, one needs concentration, physical strength, flexibility and balance to achieve the movements like the flowing water.



Meditation emphasizes a pure mind and a peaceful heart to seek inner peace. Meditation is known to improve blood pressure, regulate pulse, and strengthen immunity. Meditation can also control anxiety and insomnia, and even help prevent depression. It is a self-initiated, self-regulating natural healing method without using medication. Regular practice promotes physical and mental well-being, enhances one’s cognitive ability and balances the autonomic nervous system. 

Yoga Therapy



Yoga Therapy uses a combination of Western medicine, anatomy, muscles dynamics, yoga moves and relaxation techniques; together with Chinese massage meridian theory and traditional Indian Ayurveda medicine (five elements) combination of theory.

Yoga Therapy believes that everyone has their own unique way of practicing yoga through observing their bodies to find the areas of imbalance.  With this, effective healing can take place to alleviate physical pain and spiritual agony.

Prenatal Yoga



Prenatal yoga helps increase the oxygen levels in the bloodstream and improves metabolism. Expectant mothers will find yourself less tired, more relaxed and able to breath better. In addition, prenatal yoga can relieve pain, reduces swelling, control weight and help in the smooth delivery.

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