Our team of instructors are currently teaching at our own practice centres and various Community Centres. They are Yoga professionals who are not only knowledgeable in Yoga but also share the same principles of Living Yoga to propagate the spirit of mindful yoga practice. As a Chinese proverb goes: “plum blossoms from the bitter cold”, one has to withstand the test of life to taste the true essence of Yoga by helping others and oneself through daily Yoga practice, achieving one’s own clarity of life purposes at the same time.

Every Living Yoga instructor symbolises a bright sun that emits light and warmth to every corner so anyone can learn about the breath and experience the energy of life.  At the same time, through the sincere spreading of Living Yoga spirit, the instructors can appreciate the true beauty of life.

Raja Yoga is a rigorous form of Yogic practice. From foundation training to advanced learning, practitioners gradually develop the body, mind and spirit through steady practice in life to realise their true potential. This requires discipline and consistent, systematic practice. It is essential for the practitioners to practise mindfully to build a strong foundation for success.

Living Yoga looks forward to more quality instructors joining us to realise our potentials together and bring benefits to others at the same time!


生活瑜伽老师目前在生活瑜伽各分院和各个民众俱乐部授课,他们都具备了专业瑜伽老师的认知,拥有和生活瑜伽共同一致的理念,秉承着延续生活瑜伽承载的正念瑜伽精神,一同在瑜伽的教学与学习的道路上共修成果。正所谓: “梅花香自苦寒来” 有如傲雪的梅花,必须要经得起磨练与考验,用学习到的知识和方法,实践在生活上,从而帮助别人的同时也成长自己,并把真正的瑜伽精髓发挥在生命里,让自己的未来有着更清晰的目标。

每一位生活瑜伽老师都象征光亮的太阳,把太阳的光和亮散发到每一个有需要的地方,让人们 “认知呼吸”,觉知生命能量。用一颗真诚的心,传承生活瑜伽的精神,授课的当下也同时领悟美丽的人生。