Yoga practice can help children focus better, and increase their creativity and imagination. As children grow, Yoga practice can strengthen their muscles and bones, correct bad postures, boast immunity, improve digestion and alleviate stomach bloatedness. Why do most people, regardless of age, always sleep soundly after Yoga practice? That is because through the practice, the relaxation of muscles and the release of stress and negativities make them feel comfortable and peaceful. When kids practice Yoga, it will not only improve their quality of sleep but also correct the problem of bedwetting.



Next Available DateLocationVacancy
14 Apr 2017 & 15 Apr 2017Living Yoga StudioClosed
09 Sep 2017Xiyao Culture AssociationAvailable

Parents and Kids Yoga Workshop Registration Form

If more than 1 kid, please use coma to separate the names.
1 Kid is S$30, 1 Adult + 1 Kid is S$50.