Mission and Goals

  • Establish a stable platform for learning through mutual support. Promote social harmony and moral qualities, nurture human resources and apply the mindfulness spirit of Yoga in daily life to benefit the public.
  • To train qualified instructors who embrace the value of love, sincerity and sense of responsibility as part of our Living Yoga instructor team.
  • Understand breathing, to realise the body’s innate mechanisms, self-awareness and self-healing abilities, so as to open the door of well being to one’s mind, body and soul, thereby improving the quality of life.
  • To collaborate with other local or international yoga interest groups on mind-body-spirit practices and natural health diets.

Living Yoga invites you to practise with us, using breathing as the foundation for self-discovery and a path towards mindful Yoga practice and growth.


  • 建立平稳学习的平台,互相扶持。推动社会和谐与道德素养,培育人力资源,应用正念瑜伽的精神全方位和多样化地实践在生活上,推广给大众,造福更多人。
  • 培训有素养,爱心,诚意以及富有责任感,能有所担当的生活瑜伽老师。
  • 应用“认识呼吸”:开启身体与生俱来的机制,自觉力与自愈力,打开个人‘身,心,灵’的健康之门,从而提高人们的生活素质。
  • 与国内外各界瑜伽团体进行有关‘身,心,灵’工作坊与分享,以及对天然健康饮食有共识的相关人士合作与交流。