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Student Testimonials


一直以来,瑜伽对我而言只是一种保健和减压的运动。每次上瑜伽课只知道跟着老师学习一些体位和舒展的动作,对瑜伽的了解是非常朦胧的。。。直到我上了生活瑜伽的培训课程后,才探讨到原来瑜伽还有这么多奥妙和人所不知道的益处。现在我已能渐渐地体会着瑜伽带给我的正能量,找到了舒缓压力,调节情绪及心灵上 慰藉的 途径,对于感恩,包容,和谐都有了更深度的认识和体会。总之,瑜伽已经悄悄地改变了我的人生,也希望它能陪着我一直走下去。。感恩!

Wendy Tan

Madam Khoo has enlightened me in yoga.  I have 5 years of yoga learning experience before I met Madam Khoo.  But what I have learned were very superficial even though my previous yoga instructors are very famous yogis.  I really admire Madam Khoo’s yoga teaching spirit, her selfless thoughts and teaching attitude is our role model. 

I am really astonished at Madam Khoo’s ability to describe her students’ character.  Within a short time getting along with her students, she is able to read her students well.  Before that I was wondering how she did it.  Now I know this is the result of yoga practice.  Also, I would like to talk about Madam Khoo’s teaching method on Asana.  When doing advanced Asana, as long as you follow her steps, you will be doing well and not get injured.  Lastly, Madam Khoo’s lesson is far worth more than what we pay for.  So I cherish her teaching and always remember them.  I will follow her footsteps and keep her yoga teaching spirit forever. 

Teo Chew Moi

I do not know what exactly I have done in Yoga that has resulted in such a great change.  Maye the teacher was right to say that “You do Yoga for yourself”.  Yes, indeed, I do Yoga for myself.

At this very moment, I am very touched, thankful and grateful.  I am touched by God’s blessings.  I am thankful for the Yoga lessons every Tuesday morning.  I am grateful that Yoga has given me a new lease of life. 


Yoga lets me appreciate more on the inner value of life and no longer need to pursue external material.  I also learn to appreciate and treasure not only my family, but also friends, strangers and even small creatures and insects.  It also affects my choice in food, clothing, travel and my home.  I no longer envy or pursue branded items.  My diet also gradually changes, more on fruits and vegetables rather than meat.  I am able to sleep and rest better under most circumstances and wont be influence by external factor. So called change with the environment.  Poor posture in daily activity directly affects the physical wellbeing and through yoga I learn the correct posture in daily activity.  Although this might be small action but in the long run it has a huge impact towards my life. 

I am glad I have learned and understand yoga.  This makes my life more fulfilling.  Hope more people will have to chance to be in contact with yoga.  To understand the positive energy that yoga has and it may be more than you can imagine.  Yoga is a whole life learning and understanding and here at Living Yoga I hope we can learn and encourage each other.

Chin Xin Wah



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