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Dear students, we’re glad to announce that we will resume classes from 1st July 2020! Please do take note that there are some changes to the our class schedule

When coming for class, please ensure that you are well and not coughing and/or showing any flu symptoms (eg: fever, sore throat, runny nose, etc).

Temperature checks will be conducted before stepping into the studio. Anyone with a temperature of more than 37.5°C will be denied entry.

Students MUST check in/out from SafeEntry upon entry/exit by scanning the QR code displayed at the main entrance.

Please wash your hands before and after your practice. You can also use the alcohol sanitisers provided.

Our studio and yoga mats are cleaned and sanitised after each session.

Class size has been reduced to accommodate a maximum of 5 students to ensure safe distancing.

Dear students, 

we understand that some of your packages may/have expired due to the Circuit Breaker closure. We will be extending your package based on the amount of duration left. Please WhatsApp +65 8875 8665 your full name and expiry date and admin will assist you with the extension.

Do note that this will be a one time extension and strictly no further extensions for leftover credits (if any) unless new package is purchased. 

Thank you!

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