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Living Yoga Tour – 3D2N Back to Basic Detox Retreat @TiTi Eco Farm Resort

2020年5月 15至17 如何从饮食中学会什么是悦性食物?
(请联络61004678 或92714671)

15-17 May 2020 Do you want to learn what are the types of food to take for a balanced diet? Do you want to get back your health from eating the correct food? Do you want to release negative energy and see who you really are? Do you want to spend 3D2N to live in the moment, to feel and learn how to be loving? Why wait? Join the Living Yoga tour to go back to nature to discover how to have a healthier body and mind to be a better person. We look forward to seeing you there. Namaste (Please contact 61004678 or 92714671)
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